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Meet The HIVE, a team of six Twin Cities realtors led by Mya Honeywell, who deliver outstanding results as they help people buy and sell houses. As one of the strongest teams of realtors in the Twin Cities, they have helped sell over 250 houses since 2020 by fostering the artful skill of negotiation, strong work ethic and providing step-by-step assistance throughout the entire process.

Don’t miss the espresso drinks at their office space on Selby & Snelling in Saint Paul–the perfect place to discuss your next move.


The team of Twin Cities realtors at The HIVE truly embodies their vision of being socially responsible realtors. In 2019, Mya Honeywell established The HIVE Fund at the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation, with the goal of uplifting the local community. At the close of each home sale or purchase, a grant is made from the donor-advised fund on the client's behalf to a local nonprofit of their choice.

The list of local nonprofits supported is ever-growing as clients choose organizations near and dear to their hearts. Visit The HIVE Fund to view the team's most recent grants.

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