Getting ready to sell your home may seem daunting-- we are here to help! Read our blog for advice on how to prepare your home for sale in 4 steps from Twin Cities Realtors. 

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1. Interior

If you feel it might be time to take the next big life step, now is the perfect time to start packing up some things in your house. Let's face it--Minnesota's winter climate gives us plenty of time indoors, use it to your advantage! Pack away half of your belongings, remove a piece of furniture from a crowded room, and when you're ready for photos completely clear off the kitchen and bathroom countertops.

  • Paint the walls a light, neutral color
  • Fix scuffed walls
  • Dust all surfaces
  • Replace burnt out lightbulbs
  • Ensure hard wood floors shine and replace worn or outdated carpet.

Before marketing your house, we will bring fresh, local flower arrangements and some of our own staging items to help you style your house to accentuate its best features. 

2. Exterior

  • Clean decks, patios, and windows
  • Trim landscaping and lawn or shovel snow from sidewalks and driveways
  • Fix squeaky gates and peeling fences
  • Sweep sidewalks and remove weeds from cracks
  • Remove or organize garden hoses
  • Store garbage cans out of sight
  • Fix missing or torn shingles
  • Straighten and clean gutters and downspouts

3. De-personalize

One of the most important steps (that can often impact the sale!) is to remove personal items. We want to display your home in a way that any buyer who walks through the door can easily imagine themselves as the owner. 

  • Remove personal photos or replace with art
  • Pack up your collections
  • Remove controversial artwork and strong political or religious statements
  • Remove trophies, awards and certificates

4. Ensure each room is light and bright!

  • Open curtains and remove those that will be sold with the house
  • Trim bushes and trees that block sunlight into the home
  • Clean windows
  • Add a lamp to a darker room

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