You may have heard stories of people buying a house sight unseen and waiving inspection, so why is it so important to get a home inspection? Read our blog that gives the top 6 reasons realtors recommend getting a home inspection.

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1. Peace of Mind & Education

  • One of the most important reasons to hire an inspector is to gain peace of mind and learn about the home you're purchasing.
  • Inspectors are incredibly knowledgable about homeownership and give advice on how to maintain your home in the best way possible.

2. Add-On Services

  • Our top 2 recommended add-on services are radon tests and sewer scopes. Depending on the condition of the house you may wish to add on other services as well.
  • Radon Test 
    • Radon is an odorless gas in soil that can enter homes through the foundation. It can be detrimental to you and your family's health if left untreated. 
  • Sewer Scope
    • A licensed technician will use a camera attached to a long cable to record the entire stretch of sewer from the house to where it connects to the city's pipes. 
    • If any problems arise in a sewer line, it is the homeowner's responsibility to repair the line, which can be an extremely costly expense. 
    • We have seen countless broken sewer lines in the past two years and encourage every client to add this to their inspection!
  • Mold Test
  • Moisture Identification
    • Inspectors can use infrared scanners to identify areas in the house with a moisture presence.
    • They will also check the attic and crawl spaces for proper ventilation.
  • Rodents 
    • Inspectors will identify areas in the home that may allow rodents to intrude and give recommendations on how to fix those areas.

3. Appliances

  • Inspectors will test all appliances in home (depending on weather), to ensure they're functioning properly.
  • They will let you know how old your large appliances are and what their life expectancy is.
  • This information is vital to homeownership and potentially avoiding a big expense or having time in order to budget for replacement.

4. Exterior Condition

  • Inspectors provide important information about the condition and materials used on the exterior of the house.
  • They will evaluate the grading of the land surrounding the house's foundation.
  • They evaluate the condition of the roof and give an estimate of age. Inspectors will also identify any potential leaks or areas prone to damage.
  • Unfortunately, it is impossible for inspectors to analyze a roof that is covered in snow, which can making buying a house during a Minnesota winter a little difficult! In that instance, it would be helpful if the current homeowners know when the roof was installed.

5. Electric

  • Inspectors will test all electrical outlets to ensure they are properly grounded and ensure GFCI outlets are installed where necessary.
  • They will examine the electrical panel to identify corrosion or any potential problems.

6. Structure

  • Inspectors will identify any existing cracks or settling in the foundation of the house.
  • They will examine the supports in the house to ensure they are properly spaced and working to support the structure.

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